New Mix – 40 midwestro

•November 27, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Dj Montra has a new mix out. It’s top 40 hip-hop pop Electro remixes. It was made for those lame places that DJ’s have to play once in a while and all they want to hear is what is already on the radio. Lame we all know it, but Here you go check it here

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Solar Storm (vid)

•July 1, 2007 • 3 Comments

Over this beautiful weekend I’ve been working on new music, video’s and loops. This is my latest creation called Solar Storm you can either down load the mp3 here or you can watch the video i made for the track here . Please comment on whether you liked it or not. people just download all the time. Some feed back would be great

New Track – Simple Summer

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DJ Montra’s new Downtempo track called “Simple Summer” from the upcoming CD Explorations Takes you through a journey of sights and sounds with ambient beats, nature and atmospheric sounds Feel free to download it, Mash it up, Remix it whatever but please comment whether you like the track or not. Please! {‘_’}


1844 New invention makes people dance

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 SteamPunk Turntable 02

No not really but this is a pretty cool turntable developed by an Artist Christian Aldo for the Vinyl Art Show at the Phog Lounge in Windsor Ontario Canada 

SteamPunk Turntable

Beatscast podcast From SoSo-Much.Com

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A good friend of mine uses Soundtrack pro to make their podcast this months podcast features an unreleased mixed track from Stop Die Resuscitate and remix by My Brightest Diamond’s ‘Golden Star’.

Also be sure to check out soso-much blog You will find lots of interesting articals on art, photagraphy, music and life.

Where’s the Summer Mix

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What a beautiful day today here in Madison,WI. all I can think about is being outside listening to a great summer mix. I’m wondering which of my friends will have the next awesome mix for the summer time that you want to listen to every day. Well I’m offering one of my Mix for download for now but I would love if someone has something better to offer. Something that has a reggae tone to it, something that is going to get those bikini babes bottoms bumpin in the park by the lake. Good tunes to drive the city or country blaring as loud as possible to drown out your horrible voice. That is what i’m looking for.


Please send me your links to what i just described

Open Source Music & Video

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So today I joined an opensource audio and video editing community called OpenSource Inc, It’s pretty cool they have tons of raw video footage and original music that they allow you to download for free to use and create your own video. They ask that you upload your mashup and let other view it or mash it up for themselves. This is a great idea and the nice thing is it’s all free. I will be uploading some of my music for people to use in their video.  Here is the Movie I submitted. It’s called “ATL – Sights & Soundz” it’s a mash up of videos a friend of mine took when I visited her in Atlanta.