CINEMATIC SYNTHS – BY DJ MONTRA – Cinematic Synths – DJ Montra Demo by Soundtrack Cinematic Synths Volume 1 Acid Loops, Apple Loops, Recycle Loops

CINEMATIC SYNTHS VOLUME 1 Loop library and BeatMaker Beat Packs. This is one of my first full fledge release. I have worked with loop libraries over the past 10 years with format editing and producing . Every Synthesizer loop is created in the Key of A and at a tempo of 100 BPM’s. Great for Downtempo, Hip Hop Trip Hop, Chillout House and Minimal. use in your iMovies, Youtube, Hulu Vegas video and final cut pro movies

Included are 72 unique blends of layered Synthesis recorded at 24 bit. You also receive Cinematic Synths MP3 Demo and 6 bonus beats from our other 3 libraries of Fidget House, House Elements and Electronic Street.

Acid Loops .wav, Apple Loop .aiff, BeatMaker .bmkz and Recycle .rx2

BeatMaker BeatPacks contain 4 separate BeatPacks with each BeatMaker Beatpack there are 16 Samples, You receive a total of 64 different Synths with the Beatmaker Beat Pack Kits from


~ by djmontra on February 14, 2009.

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