3 crazy Drum machines With video

So I was digging around some sites when i stumbled across this Bunkre guy’s website / blog. seems like he is a webdesigner and does some graphics but what really stood out was an artical on 3 unlikely drum machines he blogged about. He included the youtube video’s of the Synths in action . that is what i liked about it. i seen 2 of the 3 drum machines one is called the Drum buddy and it is available for purchase in limited numbers. it makes sounds using a  tin can with cut out holes that has a lightbulb in the can on a rotating table. it;s really strange… just check out his blog cause it’ really cool and it actually shows these crazy drum machines in action.. make sure to watch the last one with sounds made out of Eggs yes thats right Eggs . http://www.bunkre.com/blog/?p=104


~ by djmontra on January 28, 2008.

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