New Release from my business site Tribal Tech House Beats – Drum Loops and samples

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NEW RELEASE – TRIBAL TECH HOUSE BEATS – LOOPS & POCKET MEDIA ($6.50-$15.00) Tribal Tech House Beats - Drum Loops and Pocket MediaTribal Tech House Beats by Soundtrack Loops is a modern beat collection for producing Tribal House and Tech House. There are 135 loops in total. BPMs range from 115 to 130. Sounds include combination grooves as well as isolated percussion layers. There are at least three variations of each combination. Among the variations you’ll find intros, minimal beats, complete beats, and break downs. Inspired by artists such as John Dahlback, Afrojack, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Dennis Ferrer, Ben Sims, Adam Beyer, Johnny Fiasco, Olav Basoski, Angel Alanis, Onionz, and Ian Pooley.

Our loops are compatible with programs like Ableton, Acid, Garageband, Soundtrack Pro, Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Stylus RMX, Beatmaker, Looptastic Pro, and more. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo files.

Available in Apple loops .aiff, Acid Loops .wav, Recycle / RMX .rx2, Looptastic Pro and Beatmaker .bmkz

Mushroom Grooves Hip Hop Loops and Samples

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I have made the new Demo song for new Loop library and Beatmaker beat packs. For Underground Hip Hop, Downtempo, Mushroom Jazz, and Trip Hop. 10 construction kits. Sounds include isolated drum layers, mixed beats, basses, fx, horns, keys, and more. This collection is gritty and trippy. Sounds inspired by Quasimoto, Digable Planets, Dj Montra, Mo’ Wax, Dj Puzzle, Mark Farina, Dj Shadow, and Boards Of Canada. 22 drum oneshots and 80 loops categorized by tempo. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo


•February 14, 2009 • Leave a Comment – Cinematic Synths – DJ Montra Demo by Soundtrack Cinematic Synths Volume 1 Acid Loops, Apple Loops, Recycle Loops

CINEMATIC SYNTHS VOLUME 1 Loop library and BeatMaker Beat Packs. This is one of my first full fledge release. I have worked with loop libraries over the past 10 years with format editing and producing . Every Synthesizer loop is created in the Key of A and at a tempo of 100 BPM’s. Great for Downtempo, Hip Hop Trip Hop, Chillout House and Minimal. use in your iMovies, Youtube, Hulu Vegas video and final cut pro movies

Included are 72 unique blends of layered Synthesis recorded at 24 bit. You also receive Cinematic Synths MP3 Demo and 6 bonus beats from our other 3 libraries of Fidget House, House Elements and Electronic Street.

Acid Loops .wav, Apple Loop .aiff, BeatMaker .bmkz and Recycle .rx2

BeatMaker BeatPacks contain 4 separate BeatPacks with each BeatMaker Beatpack there are 16 Samples, You receive a total of 64 different Synths with the Beatmaker Beat Pack Kits from

Fidget House

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Fidget House Complete Volume 1-5 Loops. The term Fidget House was coined as a joke by the production team of Jesse Rose and Switch but this genre is no joke. This massive kit includes the essential sounds needed to produce a Glitchy cut up style of House with big bass lines and punchy drums. You’ll get Basses, individual groovebox style drum layers, Percussion, Synths, Fidget Glitches, Hits, Stabs and SFX. Garageband and Acid starter songs are also included as an added bonus. Fidget House is a must have for House producers and remixers alike.
Acid Loops .wav, Apple Loop .aiff and Recycle .rx2

Get them here at

Bored So I Made this

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I was talkin’ to a friend of mine last night about myself waiting for the morning to get some Dunkin donuts coffee. Then things got gross  and I came up with this. I thought it was pretty funny let me know what you think.

America Gets the runs on Dunkin By Dj Montra a.k.a. Matthew Yost

3 crazy Drum machines With video

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So I was digging around some sites when i stumbled across this Bunkre guy’s website / blog. seems like he is a webdesigner and does some graphics but what really stood out was an artical on 3 unlikely drum machines he blogged about. He included the youtube video’s of the Synths in action . that is what i liked about it. i seen 2 of the 3 drum machines one is called the Drum buddy and it is available for purchase in limited numbers. it makes sounds using a  tin can with cut out holes that has a lightbulb in the can on a rotating table. it;s really strange… just check out his blog cause it’ really cool and it actually shows these crazy drum machines in action.. make sure to watch the last one with sounds made out of Eggs yes thats right Eggs .

Byte – PLP Modern German Synths Demo

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I am fortunate enough to have a demo track included with the new release of Peace Love Productions Modern German Synths Apple loop library. The demo included in the MGS Library allows you to load the .loop project file into Apple’s Soundtrack Pro.  This is just like loading an .acd project file in Sony’s Acid program but instead for Apple’s Soundtrack. You can view how I made the track as well as remix it, How cool is that! Make sure for all you music program lovers to pick up this latest loop library it’s available for 29.95 and in . aiff, .wav and .rx2

You can listen to the demo here and also on the Peace Love Productions web site

New Mix – 40 midwestro

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Dj Montra has a new mix out. It’s top 40 hip-hop pop Electro remixes. It was made for those lame places that DJ’s have to play once in a while and all they want to hear is what is already on the radio. Lame we all know it, but Here you go check it here

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Solar Storm (vid)

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Over this beautiful weekend I’ve been working on new music, video’s and loops. This is my latest creation called Solar Storm you can either down load the mp3 here or you can watch the video i made for the track here . Please comment on whether you liked it or not. people just download all the time. Some feed back would be great

New Track – Simple Summer

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DJ Montra’s new Downtempo track called “Simple Summer” from the upcoming CD Explorations Takes you through a journey of sights and sounds with ambient beats, nature and atmospheric sounds Feel free to download it, Mash it up, Remix it whatever but please comment whether you like the track or not. Please! {‘_’}